The waiting game

My turn for an update. Craig is off with his trainer having a blast. Me on the other hand spent the last day and half on a greyhound bus. Again. LOL. I hope I never have to ride another bus again unless I want to. 20 hours sitting up is just way too much. My trip to Chattanooga was interesting to say the least. I started off waiting 5 hours in Dallas terminal which might I say is a very scary place. Luckily one of our co workers missed his bus and waited with me. The rest of the trip wasn’t as colorful as our first trip through Amarillo. We did have the Sheriff board the bus looking for someone. There were some interesting characters but no one bothered me this trip. I am now curled up on Jason and Anna’s couch playing on the computer and watching football still in my pj’s. We are expecting snow tonight and keeping my fingers crossed that they find me a trainer!!! Chattanooga is US Xpress headquarters which means more drivers passing through. At least I hope that is the case. Craig will be heading home for a bit the lucky dog. He really has lucked out!!  Really want to get started I hate this waiting game.

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