Nothing like starting with the hard part

So, my trainer Mike is a great guy and we get along very well.  He has a dedicated run between Denver and Houston for Family Dollar stores.  The VERY sweet part is this means I will get home for a day or two each week during training, I am told this never happens (and it made me a little unpopular with my wife).  Very cool.  He picked me up at the Terminal in Irving Texas and I drove about 2 1/2 hours to a little town South East of Dallas.  We parked at the first drop and went to sleep.  We had 2400 boxes to unload at five stops on Saturday all by hand.  I actually really enjoyed the workout.  At the end of the day we headed to a truck stop where we refueled and had dinner while I got to watch the amazing fourth quarter of my Seahawks win over the Saints.  Who woulda thought?  It was then time for a shower and I drove about 4 hours into Oklahoma  before we pulled into a rest stop near Bowie and went to sleep.  Up in the morning and Mike drove to the Family Dollar distribution center in Duncan OK.  Dropped our trailer and hooked up to a full one going to Denver.  Mike continued to drive North as we headed toward Kansas and home.  South of Oklahoma City I pulled up the weather radar and we saw that Kansas was getting hammered with snow so Mike decided we were headed West on I-40 to Amarillo and then North through Eastern Colorado to Limon on I-70 before turning West towards Denver.  I figure we skipped about 6 hours of snow driving.  When we were about nine hours from Denver, I took over driving.  Max hours a driver is allowed to drive in a day is eleven hours so this should allow me to make it all the way even in the snow.  That was the plan anyway.  About halfway between the Colorado border and Limon, it started to snow.  It was cold so the snow was mostly blowing off the road……for a while.  The road got pretty bad but we were thinking that once we got to I-70, the road would be plowed and in better shape.  We were wrong, I-70 was a mess.  A number of wrecks and pretty windy with very heavy snow.  The only good news was very light traffic between the storm and it being late Sunday night.  The truck handled very well and I kept it between 35 and 45 miles an hour all the way to Denver.  We got to the first stop for Monday at about 2:00 AM as the computer hit 10:57 minutes on the clock for my drive time.  Shelby picked me up in the Explorer (4 wheel drive) and we were home at about 3:15 AM.  Mike stayed in the truck and had to get it towed the next morning as it was snowed in.  I meet him Wednesday morning to run back to Oklahoma and then to Texas.

We just need Anne to get a trainer so we finish near the same time.

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