Life in balance

OK, just to prove that everything evens out eventually.  It looks like Anne has a trainer and will be heading out tomorrow if everything works out.  Meanwhile, back on the home front.  My trainer lost his wallet last week (it is a crazy story and I am pretty sure there was a stipper involved)…..ANYWAY…he went in to the DMV on Tuesday with his birth certificate and was told that since he had been licensed in Colorado for less than a year he needed a release from Missouri to prove his identity.  He called Missouri and they faxed him the release, he took it into the DMV and they told him it had to be signed and notarized.  The only problem is that he needs photo ID to get it notarized.  “No Problem” says the DMV, they will give him an Photo ID card that he can take to the notary to bring back the form so that they will know who he is and can give him a replacement license.  Only a government employee could possibly think this makes any sense.  So we are waiting until next week for Mike to get his ID card and then his license.  By the time this is done, Anne should have caught up with me in training.  I am home for a week.

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2 Responses to Life in balance

  1. Craig says:

    We make our own luck Tom.

  2. Thomas Nash says:

    A tough bit of luck I would say!

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