Not so sure how balanced we are?

I am writing this sitting in a hotel in Forest Park, GA. I have a trainer who they are trying to route this direction. I am missing home and not liking my hotel. My friend left for vacation so I moved to the hotel.  I hope I hear some good news tomorrow!! Do I sound like a two year old?? I have been waiting for two weeks for a trainer so it is hard to feel optimistic. Just a little frustrated but realize things could be worse. At least I have a trainer at last, even if it is taking him awhile to pick me up LOL!!! Living out of a suitcase since Jan 1st is getting old. I don’t want to pack again. To make everything worse the Steelers are going to the Superbowl. Just kidding I really don’t care that much but I don’t like the Steelers and wanted the Jets to win. I haven’t seen my husband since Jan 7. Oh well I can’t wait to get started!! Tomorrow will be the day I meet my trainer. The next step of my adventure will begin.

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  1. Paula Johnson says:

    Just started reading – can’t wait to read your experiences w/your trainer – I’m starting the CDL schooling on Monday 🙂 be safe!!

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