Quick synopsis for those who don’t know our whole story. I talked to two friends today who read the blog and wanted to know how this happened. Figure I’d give a short version to catch them up:

Craig as a joke mentioned becoming truck drivers together and do OTR (over the road). Flash forward we went to school, got our licenses, got our hazmats, got hired by a company. We both have 3 weeks of training with different trainers on different trucks. Craig has already started his training and I will start with my trainer on Wednesday at the latest. Once we complete our training we have to pass a written and driving test. Once we finish that we will get our own truck and start our new life!!! That is about it in a nutshell

Now to continue with my blog of the day:

Just got off the phone with my training coordinator and my trainer has a load heading 9 miles from my hotel. The load is picked up Tuesday and due on Wednesday but he is less than 200 miles so I am hoping he comes tomorrow to get me. Worse case scenario is I have to stay in my lovely hotel until Wednesday but know that I will be picked up the same day. WOO HOO finally going to start my 3 weeks of training. I don’t know much about my trainer except his age and name. I did ask what football team he rooted for but training coordinator didn’t know. I am so excited to finally have some concrete news about getting out of here.  The quicker I get picked up the quicker I will make it home!!!! I am definitely having to learn patience with this career choice but realizing it’s frustrating but in the long run doesn’t really matter. Take your time and enjoy your life. Rush rush rush. That is what we all do and sometimes we forget to just be quiet and enjoy our lives. I know I do.

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2 Responses to AT LAST…

  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been following your blog religiously. My husband and I are just a few months behind you with the same company. I’ve been waiting for a trainer for over 3 weeks. My husband was given a trainer the day after he was hired (he was hired two weeks after me due to some dr’s note issues). If you get a chance, it would be wonderful to establish email contact with you; I could use another female perspective and can give you female-trucker support as well. Possibly we would be able to meet sometime-if we ever get on the road.

  2. Rick says:

    YEA, Good Luck Ann.

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