As much as it sucks for our trainers……

this weather is great experience for Anne and me.  Since we do not get paid by the mile and all that counts is hours behind the wheel, it is great to have those hours be tough ones.  I am feeling sorry for Mike as his pay is by the mile.  He is not going to make much when it takes an hour to go ten miles like it did last night.  I am VERY tired of cold weather.  We are heading to Houston and it is supposed to be 63 degrees on Monday, going to feel like a heat wave.  We will be spending all week in South Texas.

Driving across Kansas yesterday was sunny and 40 degrees.  We stopped at a rest area and if I had a beach chair I would have sat down to get some sun.  Weird that the farther South we drove, the worse the weather got.  I will hit half way on my training time today after a dang month and it should have taken 10 days.  Cannot wait to finish up.  We are sitting at a truck stop in Edmond Oklahoma waiting for the sun to rise and melt some of the ice before we even try to head out.  Time for a shower and lots of coffee.

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2 Responses to As much as it sucks for our trainers……

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Good evening fella; Hope today was a bit rosier (and a lot warmer). It must feel good to be closing in on the end of training. Looks like you’ll make it next week, if the weather cooperates. It’s pretty February-like here, daytime temps in the mid to upper 40’s with an occassional 50 thrown in. Looks like a nice patch of clear coming up, starting Monday. We’ll be thinking of you. How’s Ann doing? Love ya. Dad

  2. Dionne says:

    40 degrees… I believe that is a couple degrees warmer than necessary for shorts. You’re still a Pacific Northwesterner if you have your shorts on with socks and sandels. Craig? Yeah, I knew it!

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