Ships Passing…

I made a joke on Facebook yesterday about Anne and I being two ships passing in the night.  Well today I drove through Dallas on my way to Houston and we will be heading back to the Dallas terminal tomorrow afternoon to get some maintenance done on the truck and watch the Super Bowl.  Guess where Anne is tonight???  The Dallas Terminal….and she is leaving tomorrow to go to Baton Rouge.  So close to seeing my wife.

I hit 77.25 hours behind the wheel today so I am over halfway and my trainer and I can now operate as a team.  That means one of us can now sleep while the other drives so we can start chewing up the miles.  I am happy for Mike because he gets paid for all the miles I drive and with all of the time off, he can start making great money for the next 10 to 14 days until I am done.  We are going to try and time it so that we are in Dallas when I hit 150 hours so I can head to Chattanooga from there.  It will cut a bunch off the trip.

Anne, as usual, is doing awesome.  Because she is actually running over the road and not dedicated like me, she is learning a lot of things we need to know that I am not getting.  So she will be my teacher on some stuff when we start driving together.  Going to be 66 degrees here tomorrow.


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1 Response to Ships Passing…

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Shorts! So Dionne was right. You are SUCH a man.

    Tough break missing Anne tommorow, but you’re closing in on the end of this fristrating period and pretty quick you’ll be a team again. Thinking about you always. Love ya, Dad

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