The next few days

I have not had time to write. By the end of the day I am so tired I climb in my bunk and am asleep instantly. This past few days has been a trial. We hit major bad weather and Oklahoma by far is the worst state I have ever seen regarding roads. I drove for 6 hours on total ice. We were sent on a highway instead of the interstate. It was pretty stressful. We could only drive 20-25 miles and hour. I had some pretty white knuckles but I figured if Carl (my trainer) trusted me to drive then why not.  When we got to our stop the place was closed due to the weather. We decided to call it a night and had trouble finding someplace to stop. At this point I lost count of how many cars had spun out. Carl took over and we found a Walmart and decided to be safe and get off the road. We got off the road all right. We slid right into a snow bank. I will say for Oklahomians they rock!! A couple pick up trucks tried to pull us out. In the end a monster truck got us out!! It was funny how many people had stopped to watch.  One of the men told me it’s for bragging rights. Whoever can pull out the biggest truck. Monster truck won!!! We make it in the parking lot and go into Walmart. The shelves had been picked over LOL no bread even McDonalds had a sign only wraps available. Good night sleep and we went back to our stop and I won’t go into all the details but we got our trailer and got out without getting stuck. I did get to use a porta potty that had 6 inches of snow inside.

We are in Kansas City, MO now and heading back to OK. What has been a hoot is the truck stops, they have been an absolute mess. Trucks stuck everywhere, people sliding, waiting for tow trucks….. piles of snow and slush.  I know Carl now remembers that he didn’t want to have a trainee in the winter. He calls me Mario. I have to share this because it makes me laugh. I was driving on ice and Carl says to slow it down Mario. I look at my speedometer and tell him. I’m only going 25 miles an hour. We had a laugh at that one. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to not have control of your rig and have a student in control. The only bad thing I have to say is the weather. This may be too much sharing but yesterday we had a real shower after 3 days due to many obstacles. I must say it was the best shower I’ve ever had.

I wonder if people realize the reason the shelves are empty or that McD’s doesn’t have their supplies is because trucks weren’t able to make it in! I never realized how many things I use on a daily basis are brought in by truck. Makes you think.

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