Who knew a wrong turn could wind you up in Mexico?

Okay I am sitting outside a plant in McAllen Texas which is pretty far down Texas. I actually can get internet so sorry about all the posts but grab it when I can. I have one more week and will be upgrading!!! It has gone by super fast. I have over 100 hours and 4 hours of backing so pretty excited about moving forward! Craig is back on the road with his trainer so it looks like we will finish around the same time.

The title today is from driving to the plant we took veered left instead of right. Well who the heck knew there was no warning but a little further and we would have been in Mexico. I did a u turn before thank goodness and we made it safely to our stop. Now their computers are down and we are waiting and waiting and waiting. But woo hoo I have internet so I am happy.

Weather has been a little bizarre!!! I was looking forward to Laredo TX since it is usually warm. Not this morning. It was cold and our tractor was swaying from side to side in the wind. Now we are heading to Houston and deliver in the morning and then who knows where. I am still having a blast and getting more and more comfortable with this monster. I have slowed way down on curves and exits and just need a little more time with the alley docks.

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1 Response to Who knew a wrong turn could wind you up in Mexico?

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Mexico is not a real cool place to be this days, but just think how many illegals you could pack in a trailer, for maybe a hundred bucks a head.

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