Last Day of Training (for me)

Anne will be done on Wednesday afternoon.  I am home for a half day to get my laundry caught up and get Aleena to Verizon for her new phone.  I need to be back on the truck at 5 PM today where I will drive a full 11 hour shift to Oklahoma City which will put me over the top on hours and I have a bus ticket (glamorous, I know) from OKC to Chattanooga that gets me in early Wednesday morning.  I get the day off to meet my new grand daughter and play with my grandson Jackson.  On Thursday and Friday, Anne and I will take our upgrade tests and we should get our truck assigned on Friday.  So very excited to see my wife after 6 long weeks.  I will also finally get to see parts of the country that are NOT Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  Of course, that probably means our first load will be to Laredo TX….but it will be with my wife in the truck!

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1 Response to Last Day of Training (for me)

  1. Al Leonard says:

    A major fork in the road and a cool message. You are blessed and we are blessed to be able to share this with you. Take care of your truck. Love you. Dad

    Happy Valentine’s Day! (all alone)

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