A big day for us!

So, Anne finished all of her testing yesterday and they almost got done with mine.  Just ran out of time for the road test.  So this morning I was first up at 7:30.  A half hour later I was done.  Headed off to the log department to get set up for paperless logs and then to the shop to get them looking for a truck for us.  Hanging out in the lounge waiting for a truck assignment.  I think they have one here since we are a team.  We have had such a great time her, the company is great with very positive people.

We have also had quite a lot of time with Jason, Anna, Jackson and Blythe (Son, Daughter in Law and Grand kids)  What a blessing that has been.  We cannot wait to show Jack the Big Rig, he will totally think Grandpa is a rock star…..ok, maybe Grandma can be a rock star too.

As a cool side note, Jeff & Melissa, a couple we have been talking to for a number of months who drive as a team for Watkins Shepard, posted on Facebook yesterday that they were at a truck stop in Dalton GA waiting for a load assignment.  That is only 10 miles South of the USX terminal in Tunnel Hill so Anne ran down to see them and had a wonderful time.  I love how my wife makes friends everywhere she goes.  She had only been here at the terminal for a day when I arrived and she was already friends with everyone here.

We cannot wait to hit the road.

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