Our home away from home

Today is a beautiful day. Craig and I were lucky enough to get a brand new 2012 Freightliner Cascadia 10 speed. What does that mean? We have a freaking ROCKING truck!! I trucks date was 1/2011 how cool is that. They are putting an inverter in as I type (that is a power supply so we can plug in a tv/fridge/phones) and we have been assigned a load. We will be driving to Douglas, GA with our very first load. I am so excited but also a little nervous. Okay really nervous. I haven’t driven a manual transmission since December. I know I will catch on quickly but my heart may be beating a little faster for a bit. We have been at Tunnel Hill GA for our upgrade and am incredibly impressed with everyone we have met. It has been an awesome experience and we have been so blessed to have met some really great people!!!! We met a great couple Mike and Peggy who gave us a lot of good advice and we went on a test drive with them in their truck. They have a lot of experience and had some great pointers for us. Really think we chose the right company for us which is a great feeling. Looking forward to the adventures we will have. There are glitches in anything you do and you just have to roll with it and not let the little things get you down. Last night was our first night sleeping in our truck. We went to Walmart and bought some sheets and stock up on some food. Today we will hopefully find a microwave and eventually want a fridge and TV. Not necessarily in that order. Oh yeah and we have to get a CB too. I can’t wait till we have everything we need and have the truck all set up the way we want it. That will take time but it is nice to have our own truck and brand new. Boy does it smell like a new truck. That is not always a good thing LOL. Definitely need to air it out a bit but it is all ours!!

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2 Responses to Our home away from home

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Hi Guys! A great day indeed. Your Mom and I were talking last evening about this turn in your lives. She frets about your safety, of course, and about “all the crazy drivers out there”. I’m one of them, of course, but I’ll watch out for you. What a perfect pair you are for this great adventure. You are blessed and we’re blessed to be a tiny part of what you’re doing. Love you bunches, Dad

  2. Kate says:

    So happy it all came together! Saw Craig’s FB post that you are on your way to Elk Grove IL. That’s NW of O’Hare, 20minutes from my folks. Elk Grove is really close to Russell’s BBQ in Rolling Meadows (stop in for me :-). Hope the storm by-passes you going thru Indiana – warning when you get to Gary the traffic sucks! Good luck going thru the mountains with the manual transmission.

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