Day two complete

The last few days have been amazing.  We really love our truck and we really like the company we chose to work for.  I have never backed into a a whole between two trailer before last night and it was pretty easy.  The experienced drivers we have met that have bent over backward to help us can never be thanked enough.  This is a whole new world and we still have so much to learn.  We are back at the Tunnel Hill Terminal to get a couple of small things fixed on the truck and we needed to check the weight at the scale here.  It took us a couple of attempts but we are legal for this very heavy load.  In a big rig the weight limits in most states are 12,000 pounds on the steer (front) axle, 34,000 lbs on the drive axles and 34,000 lbs on the tandem (trailer) axles and a total of 80,000 lbs gross.  You can adjust the weight on each axle by moving the axles or fifth wheel forward or back.  We are running a load that is over 78,000 gross so we had to make adjustments to stay legal.  My son took a bunch of pictures and I am posting some below also.

A few pictures.

Our new home

The Trucking Leonards

Jackson after a long night on the road

Going to show Jack the new truck

I think he likes it!

Let's run some red lights!

Our First Load

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2 Responses to Day two complete

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Hey People. That is one COOL ride! Can I get one? Love your little relief driver, but can he see over the wheel? Love you. Dad

  2. Rick Blumenshine says:

    Great pics, Love the hat Anne. Far as staying legal on weight, we came across a driver that had a fine for weight, he said it was over 5000k. some load. dont forgett about king pin to axel lenght when you go into CA.

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