Oh Oh

OK, you just gotta love freezing rain. Day started off badly when I missed the stop signal at a Weigh Station entering Kentucky. I really did think I had the green light but just looked down too soon. He came chasing after me and made me come around. My sales skills really paid off and I got off with a warning. Be nice makes a difference folks. I made a joke about it and got him talking about everything BUT my stupidity. I felt pretty fortunate pulling out of there for free. The fine, by the way would have been $500. VERY cheap lesson learned.

Then the weather turned nasty. Hard, cold, blowing rain in Indianapolis and then it turned to freezing rain. Very treacherous so we cut the speed down to about 35 and limped into the Markham IL terminal where we dropped our trailer and got an empty. Headed to Moline IL 155 miles away for a Fedex load to Boise. We had a fuel stop at the Lincoln NE Terminal so we took showers and did a load of laundry. Weather is cold and dry so driving was going great……..was.

About halfway between North Platte NE and Sidney NE I got a bunch of waring lights on the dash, all amber so not an emergency. I was able to drive about 10 miles to Ogallala where there is a TA Truck Stop. Pulled out the manual and then did a check with the on board diagnostics. Have two fault codes for the engine. Both are Amber (Red means shut down in 30 seconds) I called breakdown and they had me try to reset it but to no avail. We have been shut down and need to go back to North Platte to a service center. They are going to re-power our load (have someone else come and get it) so we need to wait for the new team to arrive. We are not anywhere near a populated area so the wait may be long. I also called Fedex to let them know their freight was going to be delayed. Going to hop in the bunk and get some sleep.

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1 Response to Oh Oh

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Ok, so it’s not all peaches and cream. Will be anxious to get your next word. Dad

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