My Dad found our blog!!

——Letter to Craig=====

Dear Craig – As Yet Unmet son-in-law and FD,

I finally found out how to get to your blog and have enjoyed reading of your adventures. I find the technical details of special interest. It is hard to realize that my gently-reared daughter (FD or Favorite Daughter) is driving big rigs all around the country! When I was 17 I had a summer job involving driving smaller trucks with building supplies in CT but nothing like yours’! Let us know if your wanderings ever get anywhere near Northern VA. We have a neighbor and friend in rural France who drives such rigs all over the country. Ogden

Hey FD (favorite dad) I like the reference to your gently reared daughter. I can understand you having a hard time registering the fact that your little girl is driving an 18 wheeler cross country. We are having a blast doing it. We will totally try to get a trip east. Right now I am trying to get routed home so I can get some clothes, pack up the truck with our stuff, see Shelby and pick up Max. My trucker dog to be. We are sitting in California waiting to be unloaded of Yukon Jack. I didn’t know it was full I thought they were empty bottles LOL

I have not enjoyed California as much as I thought I would. The best part was In and Out. Love that place. We had trouble finding a place to park the tractor. They let us park the trailer at the shipping dock but we weren’t allowed to stay. Not the best part of town and we got kicked out of Walmart parking lot. And honestly I don’t think we wanted to stay there. Pretty sketchy is all I have to say. Weather is a lot nicer than Nebraska. I don’t think I’ve ever been that cold. I know it was cold too because Craig said so. LOL. He calls me a wuss about the cold so when he says it’s cold I know it’s cold. See what a good wife I am. Anyway we are almost unloaded and now we find out where they will send us. Please let it be somewhere we want to go šŸ˜‰

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2 Responses to My Dad found our blog!!

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Hey Anne; How neat that your Dad caught up with you. It’s amazing to find out how many people care about you. It’s one of the things you learn at the end of the diving board with an empty pool. Love you. Dad Leonard

  2. Rob says:

    Having a blast following your blog, i been out here on the “road” for 20+ years and its fun to relive some of the enthusiasm that i had oh so many years ago. Keep up the great work and stay safe.

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