Back on the road

The good news was the truck was an easy fix, the bad news was that nothing was really broken.  Just a clogged emission fluid injector.  The problem with that is there is no telling when it will happen again and there is no preventative actions that can be taken.  We got the truck back on Friday afternoon and headed out to the truck stop on I-80 where we waited for a new load from our fleet manager.  We were worried as there is not much freight that originates in Nebraska.  Big surprise when the computer “dings” with a load assignment in less than an hour.  It is a repower and we need to run 150 miles East to Aurora NE to meet a solo driver who is bringing the load to us that we will then run to Hayward California (just south of Oakland)  No rush since he will not arrive until the wee hours of the morning.  The weather sucks and bobtailing on ice is not fun so I take my time.  We also run into Grand Island to a Best Buy and get a TV for the truck.  I saw an ad online for a 16″ flat screen for $99.  Too good to pass up until we can afford something better.  We get to the Love’s Truck Stop in Aurora and go to sleep.

The load arrived at 4 AM and we started West.  Nebraska was a mess, ice and snow the whole way.  We made it to Cheyenne just after noon and our daughter, Shelby, met us with one of the dogs and a few supplies since we were only 45 miles North of home.  Anne had not seen her daughter in two months so it was so nice to spend an hour with her.  Then we were off across the rest of Wyoming, Utah and into Nevada.  About midnight, Anne decided she was done driving and we stopped in a rest area.  We were so far from anything that the computer listed our location by latitude and longitude instead of a town.  pretty funny.

We sat still for a few hours then we were off again across Nevada and into California.  The weather was cool but clear and beautiful.  Donner Pass was clear and dry and we are now sitting in the parking lot of a mall in Hayward CA.  No parking anywhere near here and no truck stops.  Had dinner at an In-N-Out Burger.  So tasty.  Delivery is at 7:00 AM tomorrow and then we will be off to ?????

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  1. Al Leonard says:

    Hi Darlin’s; So glad you’re on the road again and finally finding some clear pavement. This has, indeed, been some kind of Winter. Some snow here most every day for the past week. Rare. Hope you get a quick, decent load to some clear-weather place. The good news – Winter HAS to end sometime. Love you. Dad

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