Behind the curtain.

I wanted to say a little more about living in a small place with another person. Craig and I are lucky because we communicate really well. Even with that we still have our moments. Those things that can start out small can turn extremely large if you don’t deal with them. If you are a team driver and are married/dating/engaged you need to take a deep breath and let a lot of things go or you will go crazy. Craig and I were trained by different people, we drive differently, we learned different styles of driving. My trainer did OTR and Craig’s trainer was on a dedicated run. Translation for those that don’t know: OTR is over the road, you go wherever they send you. Dedicated means you do the same run and make drops along the way, usually. Both are great but I have never done dedicated and enjoy the OTR. New places every week but I think the day will come where that gets old. But for now it is a blast.  My biggest suggestion when you are teaming is to stay talking. There are times that Craig wants to shoot me and visa versa. We luckily have this habit of talking everything over. It might be later but we still talk it out and learn a lot about what was bothering us.

I was talking with Shelby and Aleena and sharing some of the trials of being in a small space and issues that I never would have known about. Bathrooms: when you are in a car you can find a place to stop at every exit. In a 18 wheeler you can’t just pull it over. You have to plan a little in advance and let me tell you. If you don’t it SUCKS. I have had to hold it  since there has been NO where to stop. Shelby asked why not just cop a squat outside. (those are her words in case you were wondering) well the time it happened to me the weather was not cooperating. Copping a squat in a blizzard is not my idea of fun.            Food: I can’t wait till we get our fridge so we can buy “real” food and be able to cook a little more healthy. Max (min pin) is coming out on the road with us and since he needs to walk I am hoping that Craig and I will get more exercise, especially since the weather is nicer now. On our way home the temperature ranged 35 degrees!!!! Today we are going to get his shots updated and health certificate so he will be legal on the truck. Some rules about driving over state lines LOL Being home has been AWESOME. Sleeping in a non moving object is one of the major pluses. I LOVE seeing our children!! But I sort of miss the truck. Major clue there is sort of LOL. I love our truck when we are out and think I will be happier now that I have been able to put all my stuff in it. I was so sick of the clothes I had from the last two months. It’s going to be a whole new world out there.

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  1. Al Leonard says:

    Hi Lady; Neat little touch, sharing some of the intimate detail of two on the road. I know, because your’re travelling with Craig, that talking things out will never be a problem. He never was known to be shy or tongue-tied. Love you news. Love, Dad

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