Go East Young (at heart) Man!

With apologies to Horace Greeley for misquoting him.

We had an awesome but short time home.  We saw the kids, the ones who live in Colorado anyway, and we made some changes in our wardrobes and we picked up Max.  Max is adjusting to his new life and is still scared to death that Mommy is going to disappear again.

Max, day 2 in the truck

Anyway, we had a slow day yesterday.  We picked up a trailer at the drop yard in Denver and took it to a Home Depot in South Denver.  It was a live unload so it took about two hours for them to empty.  We than ran 30 miles to Golden to get the trailer loaded with 35,000 pounds of pneumatic post hole diggers that we are taking to Tractor Supply in Hagerstown Maryland.  We are currently nearing St Louis MO and will deliver at 1:00 AM Friday morning.

Last night I had a very scary moment.  It was 11 PM and I was driving in Kansas on I-70 about half way across the State.  A couple of Police cars had passed me with lights on and flying about 20 minutes before so I had been expecting something.  I passed a couple of stopped police cars on both sides of the freeway.  About 2 minutes later I see many police cars heading West (towards me) and headlights coming straight at me.   A pickup truck is going the wrong way on the freeway and he was driving fast.  I turned on my flashers, hit the brakes and pulled way over on the shoulder and he went screaming past me.  Very close call.

So it turns out our delivery in MD is only 60 miles from Anne’s fathers home in Virginia so we SHOULD get to see him.  Thursday is his birthday and Anne has not seen him in two years and I have never met him. We really hope that it works out.

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1 Response to Go East Young (at heart) Man!

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Hi Peoples. Hope Craig’s Mom doesn’t see this. The world is full of crazies, many of them holding conventions on the highways. She is scared to death for your safety. I’m so pleased to hear how well you handled this one. I’ve told her I have total faith in your driving. This time your smarts saved you. I pray that you’ll always have escape options. I think of the ways I’ve been lucky, in my over 2,000,000 miles on the road. But luck can run out. Be very careful you two lovely people. Love you, Dad Leonard

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