OK, NOW we go West

After delivering the tires to Ford in Chicago this morning we grabbed a Fedex load in Rock Island and we are heading to Portland Oregon.  Fingers are very crossed as we head across Nebraska (Nebraska has not been good to us).  Delivery at 2:00 AM on Saturday morning and then ?????  Loving the miles and it looks like it will be a good paycheck next week.

Anne got her HazMat endorsement on her license when we were home last week.  The security clearance letter had been sitting at home for six weeks and she finally got home to get it done.  So now that we both have it we will get a .04 per mile bump in pay.  That will help a lot.

Max is starting to adjust pretty well to the truck.  He is still panicked that Anne is going to disappear again and does not want to be out of her sight but even that is getting better.

Hopefully there will be nothing exciting to report the rest of the week 🙂

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