In Nebraska, no one can hear you scream….

You have GOT to be kidding me.  1:30 in the morning between North Platte and Ogalalla Nebraska (yes, the exact same place as two weeks ago) the Red stop engine light came on and the truck shut down.  We got towed back to North Platte and we are sitting at the Freightliner shop where we were two weeks ago.  They cannot get the truck in until Monday so we will be in a hotel.  Our fleet manager is trying to find us a new truck but I do not have a lot of hope since we are in the middle of nowhere.

We were so excited because we were going to get our first full paycheck next week.

Man I hate Nebraska!

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3 Responses to In Nebraska, no one can hear you scream….

  1. Thomas Nash says:

    Murphys Law.

    I hate Murphy if you guys ever get a load coming through I 10 U have a place to stay overnight or a hot meal. Come thru El Paso 915-584-0157 u can see mark!!!

  2. Thomas Nash says:

    Murphys Law!
    I hate Murphy!!! I hope u guys stay safe have a nice present when u come through El Paso, Have a Nice bed to Sleep in if you have time !!! Can see Mark!!!

  3. Al Leonard says:

    The GOOD news is that there’s only a couple of hundred more miles to Wyoming. See if you can make it without breaking your new truck again. And have a nice week-end. Love ya, Dad

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