Chivalry is alive and well in my trucking world.

Craig and I were walking to the truck and Craig opened my door. I asked why are you doing that. His response was, “We may be truck drivers but I can still be a gentleman.” One of the many reasons I love that man. He has always opened my door for me and there is something very sweet that even though our vehicle now has 18 wheels, he still does.

We have had a day of it. I hate saying this but I am really disliking Nebraska. Now I do understand it is not the states fault but really now are you kidding me. In two weeks we break down in the same area, carrying the same load??? What are the chances of that. The chances are really good if you are the Leonard’s. The good news is our fleet manager is trying to get us a rent a car. There is another truck in Irving. Same year and everything and no guarantee that we won’t have the same issues but I am willing to take the risk.  No word yet but keeping  my fingers crossed. Max is enjoying the hotel room. He still worries every time I leave his vision but think he will calm down in a couple weeks. He is doing great on the truck and walking him has been nice at times. Sometimes it has been miserable but walking around feels good. The weather is nice in North Platte and we have the window open in the hotel. Who knew hotels still had windows that opened but they do. Excited to know what is going to happen. USX has been awesome though. Even with all this BS I have nothing bad to say about them. Was really looking forward to getting a full week in to see what our paycheck would look like but hey at least we aren’t broke sitting here. Keep your fingers crossed we get out of here soon.

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2 Responses to Chivalry is alive and well in my trucking world.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Howdy. Even though the weather is nice, even though your hotel window will open, even though Max is enjoying the ride – it’s still Nebraska. Doesn’t sound like much of a vacation destination to me. Love you, Dad Leonard

  2. Jason says:

    That sucks. I’m so sorry. I hate Nebraska too. Last time I was in Nebraska I got hit by a car and had to go to the hospital.

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