He had that crazed look in his eye!

Sitting at a very full truck stop in North Bend Washington.  We ran hard to get here by tonight so we can have a nice breakfast tomorrow morning for my birthday girl.  I am taking her to the Salish Lodge and my parents and my friend (family really) Dionne is joining us also.  We only have a couple of hours but this place is going to blow Anne away.  Where else can you pay $10 for a bowl of oatmeal?  (seriously)

I killed a deer last night.  In 34 years of driving it is the first large animal I have hit.  Actually, the deer needed to die and I suspect it was a deer suicide.  Cracked the front corner of the bumper and broke a fairing below the sleeper.  Company was great about it and they will fix it next time we get to a shop.  Here is a picture of the fairing damage.  Notice the little tuft of fur on the right side.

We deliver to Costco in Sumner at 1:00 PM on Friday and then pick up our next load in South Seattle (Tukwila) and head for Michigan.  Weather is clear and it is good to be getting miles.

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1 Response to He had that crazed look in his eye!

  1. Al Leonard says:

    There was a book and a great movie about you, years ago. Called “Deer Slayer”. Don’t know how it took them this many years to get your bio. I didn’t know a deer suffered from depression. Is the world wacky or what?

    Looking forward to seeing you guys this morning. Dad

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