Lakes, lakes and more lakes…


This trip has been really neat since I am seeing a couple states I’ve never been to. Now I just need to get to New Hampshire, Vermont and Alaska. I am looking forward to some warmer weather! Seattle was a blast and had a fabulous birthday! We are in Wisconsin heading to Michegan for our drop tomorrow. Had dinner with an old family friend of Craigs family, Sylvia, and it was a wonderful detour. I tried fried cheese curds which were sort of yummy. Weather is not the best. Lot of hail on the ground and have to be watchful for deer since we are on a smaller roads. Max is sleeping on my lap and has some prime rib tidbits once we stop. Little treat for him! We are truly enjoying our new adventures!!

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2 Responses to Lakes, lakes and more lakes…

  1. Veleta says:

    Happy Birthday Anne! I’ve really enjoyed your posts and Craigs too. My husband and I are going to be a team soon. He is leaving for Prime the end of the week for training. Cant wait to get out on the road and hopefully bumb into you and Craig. We have a little dog named Ricco that we want to bring along also. Sounds like Max is adjusting well..

  2. Al Leonard says:

    Hi there chilluns; Looks like the rocky road has finally smoothed out a bit. I hope and pray that you’ll have smooth sailing and no un-scheduled interruptions for awhile. I’ll bet you enjoyed Sylvia. She’s a hoot. Roger on the critters. Wisconsin is the road-kill capital of the world. Sorta true through most of the Midwest, but nothing like the Badger State. Keep rolling smooth. Bunches of love, Dad Leonard.
    P.S. Yep, girl, your birthday was a sweet treat. Careful, he’ll spoil you.

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