Woo hoo I have clean sheets.

One of the pitfalls of living on a truck. I spilled my coffee on the bed. Totally sucked that I couldn’t wash them for two days. We are in Colton, Ca waiting to deliver our load which isn’t due till 7 am tomorrow morning and we now have clean sheets and did the laundry we did have. Another pitfall of truck life was somehow ended up with grease on some of the clothes and the sheets. Not much I can do about it but totally sucks.

We have been running pretty consistent so it is nice to have a day to reorganize the truck, do laundry and did I say reorganize. Living in a space that is about 40ish square feet is a learning experience. Trying to figure out where to put stuff and not have to dig through other stuff to find it. We hung a tension bar on the upper bunk and unfortunately it is not liking being up there. When we go over x amount of bumps and train tracks it decides to fall down. It has been awesome having a fridge!!!

We are still really having a good time on this adventure. There has definitely been issues that I didn’t for see and a lot of trying times for both Craig and I but it is a learning experience and in the end the experiences we are having together are priceless!!! Everyone thought we should have a webcam in the truck and on one side I think it might be awesome. Then we can rewind and show each other what we just said or did. On the bad side we can rewind and show each other what we just said and did.

There are so many things about this job that I love!!! I am really shocked at how much fun we are having. There are definitely days that I want to get out at a rest stop and stay out but for the most part that is short lived. We have met so many different people and have made some really special friends!! Some of the sunrises and sunsets have been truly spectacular! Having coffee and seeing the views out our window are fabulous.

Love being back in California HA HA HA. Came in last night through the Cajon Pass and couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. Now we are sitting at the terminal and I was envisioning beautiful sunny warm skies while we (did I say We lol) clean out the truck and reorganize (that dreaded word). Nope that isn’t what I have. It is definitely warmer than it has been but it is cloudy, dreary and drizzling. Waiting for the showers to be cleaned so I can go take a shower which I am very excited about. We are hoping to see a couple friends while here but not sure that will work out. My mother has wanted us to visit and the one time we have time and nothing to do. She is out of town. LOL.

Well Craig is waiting for the computer. The really sucky thing about my computer being dead is sharing a computer. Hopefully I will be getting a new one soon!!!

Off to reorganize….


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1 Response to Woo hoo I have clean sheets.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Now THAT is a week in the life. Love your observations on “stuff”. Count your blessings. Did you know that the fastest-growing industry in the U.S.A. over the past 50 years is public storage? We just moved our “stuff” ( or a tiny part of it”) from a 10×20 to a 10×10. That’s progress? Weather here has been nice the past two weeks. The flowering trees are in their glory. Next month come the Rhody’s and Azaleas. No place like this in Springtime. Love you guys. Dad Leonard.

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