The wheels they are a turning.

We have had a fabulous few days or weeks. Spent some time in Calif with family and good friends. I unfortunately didn’t get to see my son but next time. We then headed to Everett WA (Craig and I need to stop next time and pick up our wedding certificate) where we had breakfast with Craig’s parents and brother Darin.  I can’t get over how much fun we are having. There are definitely days I DO NOT want to be on this truck. Especially since it is very hard to slam a curtain. But truthfully we look at each other and comment on what a ball we are having. One day we stopped and had a picnic. The sunrises and sunsets we have seen are beautiful and just seeing the country has been an experience.

I did have one issue since I last wrote. We were in CA and our pickup from Fed Ex was 3am. Why they do that I don’t know. So 1:30 the alarm goes off and we head to Whittier to pick up our load. This was the load heading to Everett. I drop the trailer. Get the new trailer and head off. I had attached the lines, put up the landing gear, done a pre trip and headed on our way. 5am I am getting off the grapevine for our fuel stop and BANG!!! Scared the SH*T out of me and I knocked Craig out of bed and stuff all over. I couldn’t figure out what had happened. Nothing was in front of me and my loving husband thought I’d hit a car. I actually knew it wasn’t a car but couldn’t figure out what it was. We, okay Craig got out with a flashlight and couldn’t see anything. While fueling Craig says I know what happened. My tandems weren’t locked and slid when I came off the freeway and stopped. Truly we were lucky all it was was a bang. It could have been so much worse. I can say that it will never happen again. LOL

We are in Montana heading to Ohio and I just took a shower and Craig is in there now. We have a high value load which means one of us has to be with the truck at all times. I was excited to finally see North Dakota during the day but once again it will be dark when we drive through. Max is doing AWESOME! He is truly a trucking dog.

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