There and Back Again

So, we delivered our load in Columbus OH and drove North to Toledo and picked up a very cool load of air freight heading to Atlanta.  They had us drive right out onto the tarmac next to all the cargo planes to get loaded.

We got to the Tunnel Hill Georgia terminal at 4:30 in the morning to refuel (sucked to go through Chattanooga without seeing the kids) and got a message that a driver in Atlanta had a Fedex load going to Norfolk Virginia and was out of hours.  I sent a message that we would be happy to grab the load but please make sure they turned us around quickly heading West for our home time.  So we delivered our load in Atlanta and headed to a truck stop in NE Atlanta to get his trailer.  It was already late so we ran hard to Norfolk and got there at 11:58 PM on a Sunday night.  A bit nerve wracking when I got a message on the computer to make sure we did not go over a certain bridge near the airport that was weight restricted.  If you get caught, fines are in excess of $20,000, but the route we took avoided it.  Let me tell you though, you read road signs VERY carefully.

Felt sorry for the Fedex crew as they had to wait for us to get there to unload the trailer by hand.  We did find out how fast it is POSSIBLE to unload 1600 packages when the motivation is right.  Turns out it is really fast. 🙂  We were out of there in less than 45 minutes.  Our next load was for a 4:00 PM pickup in Lynchburg VA, 200 miles West and heading for Salt Lake City.  I was still on the clock so I drove West towards Richmond for about an hour and we pulled into an awesome rest area to sleep…..together……in a non-moving truck……for like SIX straight hours!  It is funny how this has become such a special event.  After a pretty stressful day, this was very much appreciated.  We woke up to a beautiful morning,  I made coffee,  caught up on some emails and Max went out for a walk.  After a lazy morning Anne jumped in the drivers seat and got us over to Lynchburg where we again got a message about avoiding a couple of roads with massive fines.  We wandered lost around Lynchburg trying to find the J Crew Distribution facility.  Silly me, I assumed somebody in the shipping department might know where they worked so I called and got the crazy gate guard woman who after five rambling minutes (punctuated with many “wait, I should know this” comments) began to give us a set of completely worthless directions to somewhere…. but definitely not J Crew.  We had all kinds of time so we finally made it and parked in a holding lot.  It was about 83 degrees with a nice breeze so it was picnic time.
We got our load at 16:00 on Monday evening and headed West for home.  I was driving and we hit a massive storm in the mountains of West Virginia which made the evening very interesting.  Our route was Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado.  Jonathan, our Fleet Manager set us up for a re-power at a truck stop East of Denver so we met the other driver at 23:15 on Tuesday night and swapped trailers.  We dropped the new load about 15 miles away and went home!

We are now in Crested Butte Colorado with the kids for our belated Christmas.  This is going to be a great few days.

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  1. Al Leonard says:

    Sounds like you’re into a super-couchie life-style. Where can I apply? And do I have to have my own wheels? Life is good. Love you, Dad

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