It is Deja Vu all over again!

Yep, we have broken down.  The good news is that we were able to limp into Salt Lake City and deliver our Fedex load.  We are at a huge Freightliner dealer and they are working on the truck and expect to get us out of here in a couple of hours.  That is, again, a big step forward (if true) since it has taken four days each time before.

The weather has been awesome.  Warm and no snow.  We are so ready for summer.  We had a great vacation with the kids in Crested Butte.  We got the truck reorganized (again) and headed out on Monday to grab a quick load within Denver then over to Coors Brewing to get a load heading to Topeka Kansas.  We got to Topeka about 1:00 AM and slept next door.  They had us unloaded by 6:45 AM and we headed to Kansas City to pick up a Fedex load to Salt Lake City. While waiting for our load we met a great couple, Kathi and Ken who have been driving for about four years.  We love the people we are meeting on the road.

We bought the Rand McNally Truckers GPS with the 7″ screen on ebay and since I thought we were heading to Chattanooga right away I had it shipped to my son’s house. It has arrived and now we just need to get there to pick it up.  Even with all of the truck issues, we are loving this life.

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