Slamming the curtain and other misshaps

I have been wanting to write this for a couple weeks but things have been a little crazy. I wasn’t sure I wanted to tell everyone about this but decided that it’s part of this adventure. You have to take the good and the bad. This is the bad. A few weeks ago while driving through South Carolina. I am going to give a brief version. Fueled the truck. Moved forward so I could run in and use the bathroom. Craig was sleeping in the bunk since he had driven all night. Came out of the bathroom to a truck driver telling me my truck had rolled into another truck. I thought I’d pulled the air brake. The truck rolled 150 feet head on into another truck. Luckily no one was hurt and the other truck had one of those massive flat steel bumpers. My truck wasn’t so lucky. It was a stupid mistake and 5 policeman later… we were on our way. I cried for two days I will admit. When I talked to safety the second day they were awesome. I was crying and she told me to stop beating myself up and accidents happen and honestly this was more of an incident than an accident. On a positive note. Thank goodness the truck hit that truck, otherwise my truck would have continued rolling another 200 feet, down an embankment and into a lake with Craig still sleeping in the bunk. I wasn’t sure I was ready to tell everyone what a fool I was but then realize how many people this happens too. The policman told me he knew what the call was about. It was the third time he had been at the same truck stop with the same accident. I won’t tell you all the lovely comments from the truckers watching over the CB.

All I can say is I will ALWAYS make sure my brakes are pulled!! Makes you realize how easy things can go down hill. Craig and I are still learning and you really have to make sure you follow all the steps that keep you safe. It’s easy to get laxidasical and somtimes you need a wake up call. I could have done with one that was a little less serious but all the same. Makes me take a step back and remember I am a newbie at this. Take your time and be aware.

Prior to my misshap I was all set to write the blog regarding the slamming curtain. Living in tight quarters you will have times you want to kill your husband/wife/partner. There is no way around it. I love my husband but sometimes I would love to throw him out of the truck and visa versa. Those are the times you want to slam a door HARD. Well in the truck you can only do that when you are parked. Inside there is a curtain that separates the front of the truck from the back. That is the curtain that we SLAM when we are angry LOL

It doesn’t have the same effect as a good solid door. I find myself giggling after I try to slam it realizing how juvenile I am being (or Craig is being) Yes he does it too. But sometimes being juvenile feels really really good.

We just drove 3100 miles from San Diego to Quincy MA. Took us forever to find somewhere to park until we get our next load assignment. We are trying to get to Tunnel Hill to get the truck fixed. Today our bumper fell off. I need to make sure they know that Craig is responsible for the bumper. Remember he hit the deer and we needed a new bumper. I’ll take the hood and all the other damage. Not sure they will see it my way but hey I can hope. It took me awhile to talk about the accident. Still hate it but things happen. Like I said you have to take the good and the bad. Most of the time it is really really good.

We are still loving it! Still learning and getting into a groove. The truck is set up well this time and hoping to get some pictures up soon. Still smiling though and loving our adventure.

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3 Responses to Slamming the curtain and other misshaps

  1. Vincent Peep says:

    When I worked for Kenworth Truck Co., I heard about this a lot! More to the experienced drivers…

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to the next.


  2. Al Leonard says:

    A demolition derby in a 18 wheeler? Challenging. Well I guess it was a race to see who could do the most damage to your pretty wheels. Craig tried hard, but looks like Anne won. Good work darling. (That parking air brake must have a handle (or a switch) somewhere. Maybe you can start a puzzle game to see who can find it first? Another challenge. Hope the next few days/weeks/months/year are nicer. Love both of you wreckers. Dad Leonard

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