Living in the truck

So I have been asked by a number of people what it is like living in the truck and also if I can post pictures.  The truck is about 45 square feet inside (that is an educated guess) or about the size of a bathroom.  Behind the front seats is about a 4 by 5 foot area in front of the bunk.  This is our only real floorspace.  There are floor to ceiling cabinets on both sides for storage and there are openings on both sides.  One opening on the passenger side is designed for a refrigerator but the only one that will fit is a Dacor refer that Freightliner sells for $700.  So we found some drawers that fit in the whole.  In the tall cabinet on top behind the driver is where we keep most of our food (our pantry)  We found a three drawer unit that fit very nicely so we do not have to dig for stuff.  One of the really nice things about being a husband/wife team is that we can use the entire upper bunk for storage.  That is where we have our refrigerator strapped on and to make extra space we use the same strap from the refrigerator to hang the microwave below the top bunk.  For equipment we have purchased (or have been given) a 1500 watt inverter, a CB, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, small toaster oven, George Foreman grill and a teapot.  We also bought two lawn chairs and a wooden tv tray that folds and fits behind the passenger chair that we can use to play games or for sitting outside.  We also bought a small 12 volt shop vac.

We keep the GF Grill and toaster oven stored under the bed with the extra water.

Here are some pictures.  You can see the plastic drawers we have put into the cabinets and also how we have the refrigerator/microwave strapped to the bunk.  I also took a picture to the right of the top bunk to show the clothes bar we put up there for hanging clothes and one of the bed.

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1 Response to Living in the truck

  1. Jim says:

    A 4×5 foot area in front of the bunk? Do you mean the whole sleeper is 4×5 feet.

    Do you know if solo drivers get trucks with bunks so they can store stuff up there?

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