Going Corner to Corner

So the truck is really fixed (he says with fingers crossed)  They found a broken sensor-pump-heater unit in the Diesel emissions Fluid tank and replaced it.  We ran a Walmart load 600 miles from SLC to Apple Valley California and then got sent empty to San Diego to pick up a load right on the border and we took it 3150 miles to Boston Massachusetts.   We went from California to Arizona to New Mexico to Texas to Oklahoma to Missouri to Illinois to Indiana to Ohio to Pennsylvania to New York to Massachusetts.  We have now been sitting for 24 hours waiting for a load.  They sent us at 2:00 AM to a plastics manufacturer in Rhode Island but the paperwork was not at the gate house.  We slept here last night and we are still waiting for them to figure it out as we approach noon.  Very frustrating.  There are five loaded US Xpress trailers here that need to go to Atlanta but we still have not received a load and they said something about “production line problems” and I have heard this means they have defective product in one of the trailers and they do not know which one.  They have a load going to Wisconsin we could take but we need to get to Tunnel Hill GA for service.

Here are a few pictures from this week.

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2 Responses to Going Corner to Corner

  1. Al Leonard says:

    So does Immigration know how many illegals were in that trailer in San Diego? Or do they care?

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