Myrtle, Bertha, Zoe??

Yeah we have a new truck!! After waiting a week for our truck to be fixed we found out it would be at least another week. USX rented a car for us, we unloaded our old truck which I definitely need to explain in detail. Chattanooga and surrounding areas where hit with those horrible tornadoes. I can honestly say I would rather have an earthquake any day!! Anyway we had to get up to Chattanooga from Tunnel Hill to pick up our rental. Since the 75 was backed up we decided to drive around and went through a town called Ringgold, GA. We drove through SLOWLY since there was so much damage from the tornado. I have never in my life since such destruction. It broke my heart. It took awhile to make it through. We picked up the rental car and headed to Dalton to unload. We knew they closed at 4:30 and arrived at 4:05. We were madmen scrambling to get everything out. Luckily they had a delivery they needed to wait for and gave us an extra 15 minutes. I have no idea how we fit everything in the car. I was stuffing things in every nook and  cranny.  We made it to Ellenwood where our new truck was and they hadn’t finished detailing it. It turned into a LONG day. Great thing was Katie came and picked us up and we went out to dinner with Max too. One of perks of this job!! And remember the one thing you have to be  is patient!!! It all works out in the end but sometimes there are glitches. We ended up with our new truck and a load and we headed to New Hampshire. One of the three states I haven’t been to. Now it’s down to two!!!

Craig drove and when I woke up you will never guess where we were. Gaffney, SC at the scene of my incident!!!! Deep breaths LOL. We fueled and had breakfast and hit the road with out any misfortune. Phew. We had a pretty uneventful trip north. Dropped our load and am waiting to pick up our next load which is 10 am tomorrow morning. What is great is I got the new truck pretty organized and only need a couple more things and I think it will be perfect. Haven’t decided what to name our new lady. Working on a couple names. I don’t get to use my cuban accent anymore. For any of you who heard it know that it was in no way a cuban accent. But I tried. Have no idea why I can’t talk like Ricky Ricardo. For those that don’t know what I am talking about. We named our old truck Lucy and I would try to use a cuban accent when talking about her. Also to tell the truth… our new truck looks exactly like our old truck with a different number on her side. :=)

We are so happy to be back in the truck. Feels like coming home and love the feeling. Wish we could have a longer run without the sitting but remember my comment about being patient. This is one of those times. It been great Craig has been running into people from the trucking forum which is way cool and I have been talking to some ladies who are in the waiting for a trainer mode and I am trying to give some sage advice since I remember it well. Deep breaths, patience and a smile will go very far in this profession. Stay positive. There are so many negative forces out there don’t be one of them.

Always always smile. If nothing else it makes you feel better and you have no idea who’s day you’ll make.

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4 Responses to Myrtle, Bertha, Zoe??

  1. Al Leonard says:

    So glad you’re hauling again. I can’t imagine the taske of switching all that stuff from one truck to another. Kinda like moving from one tiny apartment to another after you’ve collected a bunch of new stuff.
    Heard you’re going to be in Kent tommorow? That’s cool. I’ll be at the showroom. let me know if we can hook up for coffee of somethin’. Love you guys. Dad

    • Craig says:

      Not going to Kent this week. We got sent to New Hampshire instead. We are now heading to Indianapolis and then back to Tunnel Hill GA. We have a computer problem in the new truck and they need to plug into it to fix (they cannot track us, GPS down). We sat 30 miles North of Boston yesterday and could not get to the game at Fenway. That sucked but since the Mariners lost I will get over it.

  2. kate says:

    Elwood… that’s were you “birthed” him! ;-p lol

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