Waiting in the rain

Okay it isn’t raining at this moment but thought it was a better title. We are waiting outside Indianapolis for our next load that should be heading really close to my dad’s house. Keeping my fingers crossed that nothing changes but not calling him yet. We drove through some heavy rain last night and this morning. Lot of black clouds at the moment but no rain. Craig is sleeping since he drove through the night and I’m waiting for our orders. Just talked to my trainer who is down in Alabama with Fema. He said stay away…..lot of red trucks just waiting to get out.
Right now nothing to do but wait for an assignment or for Craig to wake up so I have some company. Keep your fingers crossed we get to see my dad!!!!!!

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2 Responses to Waiting in the rain

  1. Amy says:

    We are one of the red trucks waiting in Alabama. Have a load leaving at 430am; just waiting today. Thanks for the phone call yesterday!!! Was picked up at 2pm. Did not drive yesterday because of the weather. Should be driving tonight.

  2. Al Leonard says:

    Good advice – stay the heck out of the Southeast. You’ve seen enough of it already and those storms really could lay a rig on its side.

    Hope you got to see your Dad. Looking forward to the next good words from the crazy couple. Love, Dad Leonard

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