Short(er) runs and tight schedules

600 mile Fedex runs kinda suck. We do not get any extra time in the schedule on the shorter runs and so have to keep moving. I was pretty darn tired when we pulled in to Dulles Virginia at 4 AM in the pouring rain. We then ran to a Walmart parking lot and I got a couple of hours of sleep. We would normally not be very happy about 19 hours between dropping a load and getting our next but we are scheduled to run a Fedwx load from Dulles to Atlanta tonight ( I am sitting at Fedex now while they finish loading) and it gave us a chance to spend a pretty awesome day with friends and family. First, I finally got to meet my father in law. Anne’s Dad came and picked us up and we went to lunch. What a marvelous time and I really like him. Then we went over to visit with friends on Anne’s from college. Wonderful people with great kids. One of the things that I knew I loved about Anne from day one was the awesome circle of friends she had. The people you choose to surround yourself with tells a lot about you. We had a great dinner (I had a nap) and a fun time as I listened to all of the stories. Very relaxing evening and we look forward to getting back to DC soon.

We are heading back to the terminal in Tunnel Hill so they can fix the GPS receiver on our truck computer. They HATE it when they cannot track us on a Fedex load. I hate it too as I have to send in updates. I also found the license plate and prepass for the old truck in my briefcase. I guess they want them back.

Well, we should be ready to go in a minute so I have to get my act together. I will update from Tunnel Hill

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1 Response to Short(er) runs and tight schedules

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Ah, a life with many frustrations. Welcome to the real world.

    Sounds like a great time in DC. One of the fantastic things about the adventure the two of you are chasing is the propensity of both of you to attract and hand onto so many great friends. Bunches of new ones every week, actually. God Bless. Dad

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