Rain rain go away…..


Craig, Max and I are sitting in a truck stop in Davenport IA. We had a fabulous home time. Youngest child is now a high school graduate. Family came in to celebrate a graduation and a birthday. We had a wonderful few days and I must say I really love being home, Craig gets antsy but once we get back in the truck it takes me a couple days to readjust. We ran a load of beer from Coors to Markham IL. Then we ran to East Moline, IL to pick up our Fed Ex load which was cancelled 30 minutes prior to our pick up which totally sucked. We drove 20 miles to a truck stop and we have been sitting here all day. Great weather this morning but some heavy storms this afternoon and getting tired of the rain.  Craig has been reading his Kindle,  I’ve been crocheting and we both have been playing on the computer. We just got WiFi for the truck which has been awesome. No more tethering with our phones. Just really really BORED. Our fleet manager told us we will have a load in the morning heading to Kent, WA which will be a nice long run. Sitting is really hard when you have nothing to do. Especially when you just had home time and are ready to run! Waiting for a break in the storm to take Max out. Not sure I want to be walking outside with lightening, rain and the wind is blowing now. Okay I am BORED. Have I said that lately. LOL Been reading the news about Joplin, Mo, We stayed at the flying j there last week. Wild photos of the truck stop. I have decided I really don’t like storms or tornadoes AT ALL. Give me an earthquake any day. Never thought I’d say that but 20+ years in LA I never worried about it. You had your emergency  kits and other than that there wasn’t much to worry about.

I will say I am very happy with the way the truck is set up. Love having everything have a place and it just feels good. I wish I had something crafty to do. I have been crocheting but you can’t do that all day. We finished the final book of Harry Potter which is a bit sad. That really made time fly by. Not sure which series we will start next. Listening to the Seattle Mariners baseball game which isn’t going so great. I do have some movies to watch and thinking it might be a good night to watch the Hangover.  Tomorrow will be a great day!!

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