Florida here we come.

We arrived late last night or early this morning in Kent, Wa and found out the address was wrong and we had to drive to Tacoma. Now when I say we, I of course am talking about Craig. Poor baby had driven the night shift and was ready to be done, just to find out it would be another 30 minutes to get there. Trooper that he is, we got there and of course on time still.

Stopped at a Love’s but there was no parking and we got our assignment for Florida via Iowa. First time we will be heading to Florida and now then I only have Vermont and Alaska to drive in. Hawaii I seriously doubt I will ever drive. I am sitting in the truck waiting to be loaded so we can hit the road again. It will be a little different pace this time. Monday is a holiday and we can’t drop our first half of the load until Tuesday morning. Not sure we will know what to do with the snail pace but I for one will enjoy it immensely. We put in a request for some home time in Oshkosh, Wi so we can see Craig’s niece graduate. Not sure we will make it to the graduation but will definitely make it to the party, and next home time will be California!!! Need some family and friend time. It is nice to be up and running, we have had a few hurdles on this journey but we love it and its an amazing way to see the country and visit people you love.

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3 Responses to Florida here we come.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Hi Troops. So nice to be able to keep in touch this way. I sure wanted to see you in Kent, but the guy didn’t show up here until 10:30 and it took him an hour to tell me they were totalling the car. I’ve loved that beast, but surely I’ve worn out the best part of it and for sure I’ll be a bit better off financially.
    Hope you trip keeps you out of weather trouble. This is a very nasty season. We’ll look forward to seeing you in Oshburg. Love, Dad

  2. Craig says:

    Gatorville ….or Tebowburg…..whatever they call it

  3. What part of Florida?

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