Blowing in the wind.

We have been sitting in a truck stop in Iowa since yesterday and we will finally head out at 3 am. Good news is it gave us a 34 hour reset. (Gives us a new 70 hour clock to work with) It is blowing like a mother out there. It feels like the truck is going to tip over. I asked Craig if it could and he laughed and said no. They are about 50 mph and hot. We have been idling the entire time since it is so warm outside and we have our blinds on the front windows. We have shades that we put across the front and side windows to keep the sun out and for privacy. Got our laundry done so we have clean clothes…. first time we’ve ever used the laundry facilities at a truck stop. Tomorrow is going to be a fast paced day. We need to get from Iowa to Florida in about 24 hours. We have a couple hours built in but we do have a live unload at 5am so hopefully that goes smoothly so we can hit the road. It’s been a nice trip so far. Looking forward to finishing and see where they send us next. I’m thinking I don’t mind the upper part of the country. LOL Kind of nice when you can sleep with the windows open. We just got screens that pop in the front windows so we can leave them open at night. Of course the first time we get to use them it’s freaking hot.

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