Why doesn’t this feel like work?

I think if I sat down and figured what we are making by the hour I would be dismayed….so I will not do that. This is a seven day a week, 12 to 14 hours a day job and we are usually out for 4 to 6 weeks before we go “home” for 3 or 4 days off. Home can be anywhere we want, which is kinda nice, but by day 3 of home time, I start to get antsy to get back on the road. Part of it is just wanting to get some savings built up but it is mostly that I just love what we do. I love, and I feel fortunate, to spend every day with my amazing wife. More than anything else, she is the reason this does not feel like work. We really do have a lot of fun doing this. Even though we were not home this weekend we spent the last 36 hours or so camping out at a truck stop in Cedar Falls Iowa. Laying on the bed last evening watching “The Hangover” and laughing our tails off was as good as any date I have been on.

The other things that make this life pretty awesome are the other people we meet out here, the friends and loved ones we get to stop and see and the ever changing scenery. I usually get to see the sunrises and it is freaking amazing Thanks to the internet and cell phones (and Anne’s VERY outgoing and bubbly personality), we have built a pretty cool circle of new friends who are living the same experiences we are. We have also gotten to spend a lot of time with our Grand Kids in Chattanooga, time we would have NEVER had if we had regular jobs. We have spent time with some of my oldest friends, some of Anne’s oldest friends and lots of family all over the country. The company is giving us a load to Wisconsin in two weeks so we can go to my Nieces high school graduation. Pretty cool.

I have no idea how long it will be until the new shine wears off on this lifestyle but every day seems to bring something new so I do not expect that to happen any time soon.

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3 Responses to Why doesn’t this feel like work?

  1. The grandkids (& kids) miss you.

  2. dudley n wonda says:

    Craig, keep that attitude and the greatness of being out here will never end. You two are so awesome. We who know you are the ones that’s blessed.

  3. Al Leonard says:

    Well Howdy Roadies; As curious as the idea sounded at the outset you have certanly found your home. You’re old enough now to have discovered that life isn’t just about making lots of money. You’ve done that. Were you happy then? I think of how many people (most) that go off everyday to a job they hate, with people they don’t care for and a boss that sucks. You’ve solved all those problems. Life everyday with the person you most want to be with. I love (and envy) you guys. Dad

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