Typing as we go….

I am sitting in the bunk with Max curled up next to me (I know BIG surprise there). Heading west and then south and then some home time with family for another graduation (this time in Oshkosh Wi,). This past week I have had varying moods on our choice of driving. Call it PMS or whatever but we really work hard for the amount of money we make. I thought we would be making more but truthfully we are doing better than we were. I am so grateful to have a job and then I read what Craig wrote and it changed my thought process. Not sure we will ever be rich doing this, at least not until we are owner/operators but still we usually have a blast every day. We have met so many amazing new friends who are on this great adventure same as us, or are about to start and those that have been doing it forever.

I will say I do love the traveling and visiting friends and family all over the country. Actually that may be the biggest perk of all. I was having a hard time because I was missing my daughter. I realized that I don’t know when I will see her again. That sounds sort of melodramatic but that was the way it felt. Craig and my girlfriends point out that she is growing up and doesn’t need me. She is starting her own life. WELL I DON’T LIKE IT. Just kidding. I just wasn’t ready for it. My son is off finishing his final year of college and I  sort of got use to him being away. I get the call once a week or so. But  suddenly I don’t get the daily calls from Shelby and realize days go by without contact. First you have to understand, Shelby and I have been glued to the hip for a long time. It is time for her to grow up but I hate not being there for her on that daily basis. I guess that is what growing up is about but it is really hard on the mom when she is freaking driving a big rig cross country. We really do  have a ball everyday we are out here. Some are more fun than others and of course you have those days that you just wonder what you were thinking. Those are the days that something spectacular happens around you and you realize how blessed you are to be doing this job. Those are the times you wish you could share this with all the people we love.

I am grateful that I have amazing children, fabulous friends and an awesome family.


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  1. Sounds so much like how I feel!! Right now (at this minute) I’m in the ‘why did we do this’ mode – but that is because we are sitting in a shop waiting for the truck to be fixed… We did choose the right path – and its one heck of a journey 🙂

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