What a great day!!

This job is amazing. After my post from the other day regarding missing my daughter. What happens. A couple days later we get a run to Henderson, Co. From there we got a load to LOVELAND, Co (our home town). We had breakfast with Shelby and I got my fix. LOL. I realize that it is time for her to move on with her life and luckily realize that that is the way it should be. One of the things I love about this job is that things like our visit are able to happen. Sometimes when you least expect it. Or when you need it the most.

I am writing this while sitting at the kitchen table with Craig, my mother in law and sister in law. The kids are off to football and I am going to get my haircut and run some errands. We have our nieces graduation party this afternoon and it’s a good day to celebrate.

I feel really blessed with my life and the people in it. Life is good!!!

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