Oshkosh B’gosh

Love saying that name. We had a wonderful time in Oshkosh at our nieces graduation. Oshkosh is a really neat city, not sure I want to be there in the winter. It was a little chilly for summer but love all the water! Hopefully we will get to spend some more time there. Seeing family is always great even if my father in law left the day we got there. I won’t hold it against him since we get to see him the most.

We are now back on the road. I am writing this actually in Florida somewhere. Max and I are in the back  drinking my morning coffee. I’m drinking, Max is sleeping LOL

Craig at last has his dream coffee maker. It’s a cuisinart that uses those little cups. keurig or something like that. You can also use regular coffee in this little contraption but he is a  happy, happy camper. I will admit it is pretty cool. You can make one cup at a time and it takes a couple of minutes to heat up. He liked it because the water reservoir holds 80 ounces which is a big deal when you live in a truck. We have had a time with regular coffee makers. Two died and we ended up with water and coffee grinds everywhere. That is all I will say about it.

Anyway I guess I should have titled this post COFFEE. We drop our load in a few hours and then find out where we will head to next. I hope it is somewhere on the west coast. We are trying to figure out where to spend July 4th. I was thinking the east coast but then realize it would be a great time to go see Tyler. (My oldest) I haven’t seen him since April so it would be great to see him, my mom and the rest of my peeps. I really do miss my friends!! I am so blessed to have the bestest friends a girl could ask for.

But we will see where the road will take us. We also need a grandchildren fix. We haven’t seen them in a few weeks and it would be nice to see them.

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2 Responses to Oshkosh B’gosh

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Ah, back to the life you love. That was a really happy post, Anne. I’ll bet it’s great to be rolling again. Eager to see where you get to spent the 4th. It would be neat to see you here, and sorry to have missed you with the rest of the family.
    Having tough time typing. Came up with a nasty infection in my right (typing) thumb, which turned into blood poisoning. Spent the afternoon in the emergency room. Should be on the mend now, but in the meantime I have this HUGE dressing on my right thumb. Can’t button buttons or zip zippers for a day or two so here I am in sweats. Pretty cool. Take care, people. I love you, Dad

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