Corner to Corner

OK, we have been busy since we got back on the road. After a great weekend in Oshkosh with family and Megan’s graduation, we have been running pretty hard (which is what we want). We had to head out late Sunday night to drive down to Fond du Lac and pick up an empty trailer at Mercury Marine and then head up to Peshtigo WI to pick up our load Monday morning. Peshtigo has an amazing, awful history. The site of the most deadly fire in US history but I bet you have not heard of this disaster. Why? because it happened on the same night as the Great Chicago Fire. Here is a link to the story.

We took that load to Portland TN and then ran empty to Memphis where we picked up a FedEx load going to Hollywood Florida.  There is no direct way to South Florida from Memphis so Anne had lots of two lane highways and then I took over late at night to take us the rest of the way.  We dropped the load early afternoon and had to head to Miami right away to get a high value load heading to Quincy MA (just outside of Boston)  We HATE high value loads as we are not allowed to leave the truck unattended but we love the miles.  I was driving as we crossed the Florida – South Carolina border in a very nasty storm.  60 mph winds, driving rain and lightning everywhere.  I had to yell to wake Anne up to make sure she was strapped in with the cargo net over the bed.  This was tornado weather and if we ran into one, I was not going to see it until it was right on us.  It was a pretty scary couple of hours but we made it through.  It certainly kept me awake!  So we got to Quincy and unloaded this morning and then got a load assignment to pick up in Newark NJ and heading to Grapevine TX then on to Hawthorne CA…..3200 miles!  What a great run for the weekend.  It will keep us rolling until Monday afternoon.

We are sitting in a truck stop in Connecticut and will head out about 3 AM for New Jersey for our pick up.  I will update again from sunny Southern California!  Hope we can see Anne’s Mom, her son Tyler and friends.

Here are a few pictures from this last week.

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