Frustration with a smile.

This has been a very frustrating week for us. Our truck broke down in Cheyenne, Wy. It would have been Nebraska but there was no place to stop so they had me continue on. They meaning breakdown. I can’t say I minded. I refused to stop in Nebraska LOL. Stupid REGEN system. It took them three days to fix. They fixed one part and then got error codes, fixed that and then something else went wrong. End result is all that matters and it was fixed. Then we sat and sat and sat. Finally got a load. We dropped our empty at the drop yard in Denver and then picked up a loaded trailer at the Rail yard. Drove that load up to Loveland to a Walmart Distribution center. We got our load assignment with no way to deliver on time. It was suppose to be a live unload but we were late so we could only drop it. Took us two hours to get permission to drop the trailer. It was a Friday afternoon and we slipped through all the cracks.  We are on our way to our next load which was in Fort Collins at the Budweiser plant. Have to say it was pretty darn easy except our load was heavy so they ended up unloading and reloading the trailer and taking some beer off. Finally we are on a run to Des Moines, Ia. Pretty easy trip with a spectacular storm. Sydney Ne I stop to switch with Craig, his turn to drive. I realize Max has not been out in hours so I tell him I’m going to get Max out. I guess I forgot about the raging storm outside LOL. Needless to say Craig wouldn’t let me out. Ended up taking him out when we fueled in North Platte. Our favorite city in Nebraska.

We drop our load in Des Moines and ask sweetly for a load assignment. We get one. Run empty 222 miles and our pick up is tomorrow and only going 669 miles due two days later. This is when I get frustrated. The loads out of Denver we could have made on time if they gave them to us earlier. Why they give this type of load to a team makes no sense to me. I realize how hard planning must have to work but HATE when this happens. What makes it worse is being broken down for the previous 3 days. We had a great run going last week. The loads we have done seem pretty standard and regular. Why it takes half a day to get us an assignment baffles me.

The good news out of this was we got to see a few of our children. Had some good meals and even got to take the girls to visit the local college where they will both be starting this fall. Cheyenne is only 50 miles from Loveland and most of our deliveries were in the area. The perks of this job!!! Would have been nice to spend more time and actually get to do some laundry but hey…. Anytime we get to spend with our kids is worth it.

Have we told you Craig got this awesome coffee maker. I must say it is pretty darn cool and for those of you that like coffee totally understand what I mean. Our little 63 sq ft apt is coming along nicely. Still working on a couple things I want to change but not worrying too much about it. It is nice and cozy. Life is good!!!

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  1. Al Leonard says:

    Now THAT sounds like a week of frustration with just a little cool thrown in. Hope this next one goes smoother and you wind up someplace nice for the 4th. THIS would be nice (hint, hint) and I think I’ll get the pool going by then, which means we should have a crowd. It would be so nice if you could join us. Craig said a cold beer and a lawn chair. That’s easy AND I think it’s going to be a nice weather week-end. ( I know, Craig, it’s never nice on the 4th.) Hope to see you here. Love you both, as always. Be safe. Love, Dad

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