Hey this is Max.

They left the computer open so I thought it was about time I got to blog. Not having thumbs sucks so I have to hunt and peck. Life is pretty cush in a truck. I get to sleep all day and be with my pets. They feed me really well. I have them pretty well trained at this time but they still have some annoying habits I need to break them of. Mom keeps needing me to walk her in the middle of the night in the pouring rain. I love my mom so it’s ok.  I miss my siblings but get to see them every time we go home. Which is pretty cool. Leaves more leftovers for me.

I am a little confused sometimes when we go out for walks. Sometimes it’s beautiful and sometimes it is freezing. All in the same day. Not quite sure how that happens but I’m getting use to it.

Oops got to go. I hear them coming.

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2 Responses to Hey this is Max.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Max, it sounds like you’re adjusting well to your new life. That is so cool. While you’re into training your companions, let me know if you want some ideas. There is always room for improvement, agreed? Love the whole crew. Dad (and Max grandpa)

  2. RC says:


    I read this at 2:00am and literally laughed OUT LOUD!!! 🙂

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