Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer!

As you can tell from Max’s post below, we had a pretty lazy day yesterday. We left Springfield at midnight and ran up to a little town north of Fort Wayne IN to pick up a “hot load” for the Chrysler plant in Belvidere IL near Rockford. After about 10 minutes they came out and said we were loaded, I looked and it was three whole pallets of plastic gas tanks way up at the front of the trailer. Felt kind of silly but it is what we had. Got to Chrysler at 11:00 AM and dropped the load and headed down to East Moline IL and to one of our favorite truck stops, The Flying J in Davenport IA. Just a regular Flying J with a Dennys but it is surrounded with grass and is really like a park. Here is Anne taking Max for a walk.

Max getting his exercise

We had an awesome evening enjoying the sunshine, talking, playing with Max and watching TV.  Up at 4 AM this morning and I bribed Anne with coffee to get her tail out of bed and we headed over to Fedex at 5 AM for our 6:00 pick up to Henderson Colorado.  A couple of great things happened at Fedex, first we ran into our friends Wonda and Dudley who drive for USX also and were picking up a load for Wa.  Actually, we ran into Wonda and her dog Misty since Dudley was sleeping.  Nice surprise,  then Anne went in to get our load and it got changed to San Bernardino California.  Not only twice the miles but we MAY get to see her Mom.  This is, however, trucking and no plans are final until you actually get it done.

We have decided to work over the Fourth of July since we were down last week and I had an ulterior motive.  One of the things on my bucket list has always been (well, at least since 1980) to see a space shuttle launch.  Next Friday, July 8th is the last shuttle launch…………… ever.  So I called my friend Mike Lafferty who lives just South of the Kennedy Space Center and we are headed there to see the launch.  Mike is even working on passes to get us into KSC for the launch.  Fingers are crossed on that.  Very excited for both the launch and seeing Mike and Brandi.  A  little beach time will be nice also.  I think there may be a bit of Rum in my future.

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2 Responses to Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer!

  1. A shuttle launch in person is awesome. Words can’t describe it.

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