Lazy hazy day or just a perfect day being together.

We really had a great day yesterday. Craig covered most of it but I do have to share something. Last night Craig and I took Max for a walk. We were at the truck stop and there was grass everywhere. A perk for those of you that know what most truck stops look like. As we are walking Max sees some birds and a bunny. Well I thought he saw the bunny but he just saw the birds. Craig grabs the leash from me and he and Max run and chase the birds. Craig is calling MAX GET THE BIRDS. Now to see Craig and Max running full throttle had me almost peeing in my pants, I was laughing so hard while the two of them were chasing the birds. I could not stop laughing.  Max never caught the bird but I will say it is one of those memories of our time out here that I will cherish forever. I have the bomb of a husband. Even thinking about it today makes me giggle.

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