Stupid is as stupid does

OK, I am going to tell on myself.

One of the first things you learn in CDL school is three points of contact, there is a label on the top left corner of the drivers window that stresses to use three points of contact, there is a large sign at every terminal that reminds drivers to use three points of contact, when we boot up the computer in the truck one of the boot screens reminds you to use three points of contact AND my eight year old nephew Nathan reminds me about three points of contact whenever we talk.  OK…….I get it.

What it means, of course, is back out of the door and always have three of your feet/hands in contact with the truck at all times.  The bottom of the door is about four feet above the ground.

So yesterday afternoon in Nebraska I had fueled the truck and pulled forward to let the guy behind me in.  Grabbed my large insulated mug to go in and get ice and also grabbed our two travel mugs to wash out the old coffee.  I could have easily held them all in one hand but I didn’t.  I turned sideways to step on the top step and my foot slipped off leaving me with ONE point of contact and no hands free.  I fell hard and landed on the concrete flat on my side…. all of my weight landed on my left hip which I had had surgery on five years ago.  Miraculously I do not believe I broke anything and I skinned my left elbow a tiny bit.  My hip is very sore and swollen, I mean really swollen, like three inches.  It is going to be a massive bruise and I am an idiot.  A very lucky idiot who is going to limp for a week or two.  I need Nathan to call me more often.

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2 Responses to Stupid is as stupid does

  1. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    Hmmm first Max fell, then you. I refuse to be next!! I’m going to remember 3 points of contact!!

  2. Al Leonard says:

    You don’t need Nathan to call you an idiot, you IDIOT!!! You have Anne and your dad. I love whatever’s left of you. Dad

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