You can’t get there from here!

So Anne kinda hates the NorthEast, trucking companies HATE to pay tolls.  Actually, it is the customer who hates to pay tolls so we don’t usually go the easy way when we get to New Jersey.  Always having to take some stupid side route.   The route solution that we get on the computer is just a list of roads and can be cryptic at best.  It can be very hard to figure out where we should go sometimes.  Heading South from Boston going to Edison New Jersey, I was sleeping and I woke up to hear Anne talking to a VERY heplful man.  I lay there on the bed wondering who this very knowledgible and friendly guy was, who was trying to figure out how we had gotten so lost and where we were trying to go.  I assumed it was some great truck driver who was helping her.  SO I opened the curtain……



Sgt Haugan, Greenville New Yorks' Finest

He was awesome and we are back on the route.  Everybody loves Anne.

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5 Responses to You can’t get there from here!

  1. harold trent says:

    I told you guys that if you ever got lost, pull over and wait—one will eventually show up! 🙂

  2. Al Leonard says:

    See? A sweet smile can make up for a LOT of bad turns. You are so lucky you’re travelling with a cute buffer. Love you guys. Dad

  3. Leigh says:

    I think that this is my favorite post so far 🙂

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