Blown tire…. again.

I actually can’t complain. This is our second blown tire on the trailer. I am stranded on the side of the freeway on I70 near Dayton Oh. Craig is sleeping again thank goodness. He drove all night and then gets to wake up to me yelling that I blew a tire. It’s a little scary when it happens and just my luck. Both times I have been driving. This time I’m not sure who was more scared. Me or the car next to me. He flew over two lanes LOL. It made a HUGE pop sound and I looked out the side mirror and see the remnants of my tire flying everywhere. Doesn’t look as bad as last time except my mud flap is folded over the tire and it bent the bar that the mud flap attaches too. Waiting for tire repair to show up and they gave me an  ETA of 45 minutes. I am keeping my fingers crossed cuz it is getting hot out here. The sun is baking on the front window and my truck is rocking from all the traffic. I wish I could have made it to a safer space but breakdown said I did the right thing.

So here I sit. Max is asleep. Craig is asleep and I get to wait LOL. I just hope they show up quick so we can hit the road. We are heading to Phoenix for a Saturday delivery so at least we have time in the schedule.

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