That is the only word I could think of while getting ready to write. I have no idea where we have been for the past week or what we have been doing. Everything is running together and if I had to tell you where I was 3 days ago. I couldn’t. We have been running hard which is super nice and as hard as we have been running. It hasn’t seemed like it. We ran out of time on our 70 and had to sit for awhile until we got some time back. Luckily it has all worked out in our favor and we have run and sat. Run and sat. Always a good thing. Looking forward to spending some time with family one of these days but not sure which family LOL. Have no idea where or when  but that is one of the cool things about this job. Had some great news. My son made the Dean’s list at CSUN (California State University Northridge) and my daughter is officially enrolled as a full time student at our community college.  Life is good!!!!

Things have been really good. We just celebrated our anniversary. Lucky ducks that we are we spent part of our day doing laundry at our terminal in Lincoln. The one that a horror movie should be shot at. It’s a freaky place to say the least. BUT I do have clean clothes and got all the bedding clean. I love how excited I get over the stupidest things. Clean clothes and sheets in a truck goes a long long way!!

We are now trying to figure out where to go next. We have a bunch of holidays coming up and trying to figure out where to spend them. Another of the perks of this job. We have the ability to do it. It’s a good day in our truck. We are trying to give Craig a 34 hour reset today so I get to drive and then we get to sit until the morning when we pick up our next load. Love when everything just goes according to plan.

Even though my title is lost. It has been an awesome week and looking forward to what next week will bring!

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