Where to begin….. love our truck.

It has been a crazy few weeks. I keep meaning to blog and am just too tired by the end of the day. We have had a great month out. We have run hard and dropped  loads and picked loads up. We almost ran out of hours for the first time and finally ended up in Los Angeles and asked to do a 34 hour reset (more like 52 but who’s counting). My mother had just had surgery and we got to visit with her. I also got to see my son and my best friends. We had such an amazing time. We had great food, great conversation and a great time. It was totally exhausting but so worth it. AND I AM BACK TO BEING BLONDE!!!!! We were exhausted from our visit and were psyched to get back to work so we could get some sleep LOL.

I tell people that I am shocked at how much I love doing this with Craig. He definitely loves it more than I do but when I get to see my family and friends. I love it just as much.  I really love our 63 sq ft apartment.  Right now it needs to be hosed out LOL. About once a week we do a spring cleaning or when we have been running hard. We are out of cleaning supplies so we need to make a run to Walmart and stock up. We have so much fun together. Not that we get along every second of the day but I wouldn’t change a thing.Driving through Oregon is beautiful and I have to say this part of the country is stunning. Idaho and Utah are absolutely beautiful. At least this time of the year they are. Not sure I’d like to drive these roads in the winter.

We are running from Portland to Laredo, TX and will be stopping for dinner in Boise to visit with another team who is in Boise broken down. Then we are off to Colorado and they are running us right by our house. Planning on stopping and doing some shopping and hug my daughter and that is about all we will have time for on this trip. Fill up the dog food bins and check the mail.

Is there anything anyone wants to know or wants to see pictures of ?

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3 Responses to Where to begin….. love our truck.

  1. RC says:

    Yeah, more of your truck setup!

  2. Al Leonard says:

    Now THAT was a positive message. I am so happy for the two of you. Nice thing about living in 63 sf, if you can make it there you can make it anywhere. (or was that New York?) Keep on having a great time. We hope to see you soon. Love, Dad Leonard

  3. Phil and Ginger says:

    Hello Anne (and Craig) my name is Ginger and my fiance is Phil. We have really been influenced by your postings. Phil has one more week of school and he will be finished. We have pretty much chosen US Xpress, mostly due to what you all have been saying, plus we have researched it and other companies and feel US Xpress is probably the best company. I want to drive with Phil as a team, I currently have a job (a legal assisant in Midtown Atlanta) but really want to drive with Phil. Do you have any advice for me? I want to go ahead and go to school and get my 3 weeks done, but financially it is really difficult, I guess I am just kind of scared, but I know it will be better once I have finished school and team with Phil. We have a ton of questions, but I know you probably don’t have time for too many at once. We also have a pooch that we want to take with us sometimes. Phil said we could just hook him up to the back of the trailer and take him with us that way (just joking). Also, we have looked at US Xpress’ site, but are not sure if the pay is split or is it per person, as a team? I hope I asked that right. If there is any additional information you could relay to us on the company, we are very new to this, on orientation and getting hired by US Xpress, we would greatly appreciate it. We would like to ask if the pay is pretty good, we don’t want to know how much you make, just are you satisfied with what you make? Also, Phil wants to know what model Frieghtliner do you all have? Is it a Cascadia or Columbia, or something else? You all have really been an inspiration to us, just wanted to let you know that. We found your posts first on Truckersreport.com and have been following you ever since. We would like to see pics of how you fixed up your truck, preferably in a mess so we know what we are in for (hahaha). We really didn’t mean to ask so much, but we are very excited and want to learn as much as we can. Thank you. Hope to talk to you soon. Phil and Ginger.

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